Classic Long Wallet



A thick long wallet sometimes can destroy your look. Here at ZETTINO, we offer you a new look of long wallet that would not be too bulky to hold. With our deliberation and care, we skived the entire pieces of leather to make it thinner. The long wallet itself is made of 100% imported leather with a seductive design and shining with our quality wax. On the surface, it is crafted with our signature “Z” alphabet and padded with the Japanese fabric inside. Moreover, plenty of cards can be equipped within our thinner design of the long wallet so you can make sure that you look good whenever you hold it.


  • Able to hold 15 cards
  • Three compartments for bills
  • ZETTINO signature “Z” Alphabet sewing line on the outer
  • Edge-cut wallet as per our signature design
  • Water resistant

Leather type: Oiled-wax leather

(This leather is water resistant. After use, the leather will age and start to show patina as well as becoming softer. The leather can be scratch but if the scratch is not deep, you can gently rub it out using your finger. For those who does not like the leather to be scratched, please keep it away from sharp object.)

Measurement: 19 cm x 9.5 cm x 1.3 cm

Weight: 150 g


 “Zettino’s ultimate goal is to make sure you look good. Our design’s philosophy then incorporates both the elegant look and also the functionality. Feel the confidence growing in you once you carry one of our products around whether it is in your hand or in your pocket. ”

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